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Duration 96 minutes. . Directed by Kenji Tanigaki. Genres Comedy. 2020. cast Donnie Yen. Enter the fat dragon free online. Enter the fat dragon 2018. Donny yen... I like it. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A 83% Audience Score Verified Ratings: 6 Enter the Fat Dragon Ratings & Reviews Explanation Tickets & Showtimes The movie doesn't seem to be playing near you. Go back Enter your location to see showtimes near you. Enter the Fat Dragon Photos Movie Info Sent to Japan on a routine police escort, Officer Zhu is excited to have the chance to re-qualify for full time duty as a police officer. However, after a series of mishaps, the mission goes terribly wrong and the suspect Officer Zhu is escorting suffers a mysterious death. Zhu enlists the help of wok-wielding restaurant owner and a former undercover inspector to solve this murder mystery in the new best action comedy movie from martial arts superstar Donnie Yen. Rating: NR Genre: Written By: In Theaters: Feb 14, 2020 limited Runtime: 97 minutes Cast Critic Reviews for Enter the Fat Dragon Audience Reviews for Enter the Fat Dragon Enter the Fat Dragon Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Enter the fat dragon soundtrack. Enter the fat dragon images. Enter the fat dragon full movie. For a guy thats his size and weight Sammo is actually really good. Enter The Fat dragon ball z. Enter The Fat. Enter the fat dragon fandango. Enter the fat dragon 2018 watch online. Enter The Fat dragonfly. Enter The Fat dragon age 2. Enter the fat dragon english dub. Enter the fat dragon lee hoi san. Is Chaney Lin a kid or a teen. Enter the fat dragon behind the scenes. Where were these guys when thanos came. Enter The Fat dragonball. Enter the fat dragon 2019 watch online. Is this a remake of Samo Hung Enter The Fat Dragon 1978. This is going to be another Blockbuster by Donnie Yen!🔥.

Sammo hung?🤣. Enter The Fat dragon rouge. Enter The Fat dragon quest. Who is watching this after seeing the new trailer of Enter the fat dragon featuring Donni Yen. Enter the Fat Dragon (1978) Run Time - 91 min.   | Countries - Hong Kong   | MPAA Rating - R AllMovie Rating 6 User Ratings ( 0) Your Rating Overview ↓ Review Cast & Crew Releases Showtimes Sammo Hung stars in this parody of Return of the Dragon, the 1973 kung fu classic that paired Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Sammo plays Lung, an apprentice pig farmer sent to the big city to help his family, only to find himself confronted by a gang of thugs trashing the grocery stand where he works. Lung's hero is Bruce Lee, and he's carefully studied Lee 's martial arts techniques; however, he also weighs a good hundred pounds more than Bruce, which makes him look like a less than threatening opponent. However, the gang soon discovers that Lung knows how to throw his weight around (literally), and he soon dispatches the toughs, only to find a full slate of adventures before him. Originally released in 1978, Fei Lung Gwoh Gong received a belated video release in the United States in 1999 after Sammo Hung became an unexpected success with his American TV series Martial Law. Characteristics Keywords overweight, gangster, thug, farmer, big-city.

1. This is not a remake of the most important Hong Kong film master Sammo Hung's ''Enter The Fat Dra... gon'' (1978) which is kung-fu spoof of Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon (1972). Sammo Hung transferred main plot of Way of the Dragon and limited the stage in Hong Kong. And this Enter The Fat Dragon 《肥龍過江》(2020) revived the international narrative staging of the Way of the Dragon (1972). Both of them, just borrowed the title from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon (1973). 2. Unlike many internet information about this film, the most of Japanese sequences are obviously shot in sound stage with blue/green screens. Behind the scene footage is available at the ending roll. 3. The most positive aspect of this filmmaking is native Japanese sound acting and local voice replacement of Chinese stunts. The core of the mainstream and tradition of Hong Kong filmmaking is obviously martial arts film genre. One of co-directors (other co-directors Niki Chow; Wong Jing) of this film, Hong Kong's only Japanese action choreographer, stuntman Kenji Tanigaki who is a close film partner of the contemporary Hong Kong kung fu star Donnie Yen. Hong Kong kung fu stars from Jimmy Wang Yu (One-Armed Swordsman; 1967); Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon; 1973); Jackie Chan (Drunken Master; 1978); Sammo Hung (Enter the Fat Dragon: 1978) and Donnie Yen (Ip Man; 2008) all opposed the frenzied editing that overly dependent on CGI which is contrary to the really skilled athletes who acting on their own stunts for decades. This is the main difference between Hollywood's frenzy editing of CGI kong fu sequences and Hong Kong's traditionally skilled athletes performances. In film aesthetics, the latter is more real than the former thus it should be praised as representative of more realistic values of film production. In fact, this is only a matter of the degree of deception in film construction. Chinese New Year film (賀歲片; 1937-) is the Hong Kong's specific film genre / film marketing term. Many comedies are intended to release during the Chinese lunar new year holidays every year. The first Chinese New Year genre film is Bloom and Prosper (花開富貴;1937). However, this film was originally planned to release on August 1, 2019. The delay is mostly due to the anti extradition law amendment riots which started from June 12, 2019. The plot involves police and mafia/ yakuza connection thus it could have been seen as a political reflection of the directors of this film. It could have harmed this Hong Kong-Mainland China joint film project. Fortunately, the production group company Bona Film Group Limited avoided the possible political provocation of being ''pro-beijing''camp. That management's careful decision's successful under the political circumstances in Hong Kong. Unlike Bruce Lee or Sammo Hung's Way of Dragon narrative, the protagonist Fallon Zhu (The Chinese name 朱福龍 implicates Sammo Hung whose pseudo name was 朱元龍; Donnie Yen) is nether a Zatoichi-like stranger nor relatives of any characters involved in the film. However like Bruce Lee's Tang Lung in Way of Dragon who moves to Italy from Hong Kong, Fallon Zhu (Donnie Yen) goes overseas. In Act 1 of this film which staged in Hong Kong, Fallon Zhu (Donnie Yen) is sent by his superior Shing (Louis Cheung) to Japan for extradition of the fugitive who witnessed yakuza's smuggling of drugs at tsukiji fish market in Tokyo (inciting incident). At the end of the Act 1, Fallon Zhu hands him over to the Japanese police Mr. Endo (comedian Naoto Takenaka), the chief inspector of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Unexpectedly at the same time his fiancée / actress Chloe (Niki Chow Lai-ki) gets employed by the same yakuza group who wants to eliminate the possible threat to their drug trafficking. The Japanese fugitive is dead later in the Act 2. Act 2 is constructed with the rising conflict between Fallon Zhu and yakuza. The weakness of the entire plotting is that it heavily relies on occasionalism and street fights. It makes us feel like clockwork in scriptwriting. For example, there are no strong emotional involvement and inevitableness among reunion of Niki Chow Lai-ki's chracter Chloe (可兒) and Fallon Zhu; Fallon Zhu's supporter in Tokyo, owner of Izakaya restaurant, former Hong Kong cop Thor (Wong Jing)'s family. Mr. Endo (comedian Naoto Takenaka)'s corruption with yakuza is additional, too. The cake is separated into pieces equally. Love story? Family story? Kung fu action story? Centre of narrative gravity is obscured. As the result, the entire story narrative is pretty vague. Mid point is when Thor (Wong Jing) finds cocaines in a fish at Tsukiji fish market. At the end of ACT2, Thor (Wong Jing) gets stabbed and Niki Chow Lai-ki's chracter Chloe (可兒) trapped by yakuza. ACT3 is simply a final confrontation between Fallon Zhu and yakuza at the top of Tokyo Tower where completely shot in green screen at sound stage. Furthermore, the ending is easily predictable that Fallon Zhu saves his fiancée / actress Chloe from the evil yakuza antagonist. Following the example of Shinjuku Incident (2009), Japan is depicted like a living hell for Chinese and residents under the corrupted cops and yakuza. It is pretty persuasive. Japan has been in 30 years of stagnation and constant decline of real wage rate. Technically complemental thing in this film is Japanese sound dubbing that it gives this feature film genuinely native Japanese dialogues among sub characters, especially on antagonist yakuza stunts. The most of Chinese depicted Japanese characters in Chinese films are fake Japanese like Japanese characters in Hollywood films. On the contrary, Hong Kong's only Japanese action choreographer, stuntman, co-director of this film Kenji Tanigaki successfully improved the malicious racial treatment which typical in depicting Japanese characters in both Hollywood and Chinese films for decades. Enter The Fat Dragon 《肥龍過江》(2020) is still the best among all Chinese New Year films of 2020. 引用: 評-肥龍過江-2020 See More.

Enter The Fat dragons. Soundtrack same to The Way of the Dragon, Bruce Lee. Cool mate.

Name: Enter The Fat Dragon Original name: Release year: 2020 Status: Completed Country: Chinese Genre: Action, Comedy Plot Fallon Zhu (Donnie Yen) is a Hong Kong police officer – an agile fighter with a high crime detection rate. Dumped by his fiancée Chloe (Niki Chow), Fallon was heartbroken and start indulging in food. In six months, he became... List Episode Enter The Fat Dragon Episode 1 2020-02-11 20:43:59.

In my eyes Jackie good but sammo's always been better & one of my favourite stars in hk golden age. So much power, speed & skill for a fat boy. with pure affection. He is by far the best Actor, Writer, Director, Action Choreographer, Editor & producer (all in 1) by a country mile. NO ONE EVEN COMES CLOSE! Magnificent Butcher, Spooky Encounters, Prodigal Son, Heart of the Dragon, Shanghai Express, Eastern Condors, Pedicab Driver, Eight teals of Gold, Painted Faces etc. so much more as supporting player & behind the scenes as director/action choreographer. A true gem of hk. Even today his work speaks volumes. That Ip man movie (08) would be nothing without sammo's choreography.

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Enter the fat dragon trailer donnie yen. Take this series out back and shoot it. enough already. Enter the fat dragon 2020. Enter the Fat Dragon Traditional 肥龍過江 Directed by Wong Jing Kenji Tanigaki Produced by Donnie Yen Wong Jing (also exec. ) Connie Wong Screenplay by Wong Jing Starring Donnie Yen Teresa Mo Wong Jing Niki Chow Production company Bona Film Group Bullet Films Mega-Vision Pictures (MVP) Sun Entertainment Film Group Distributed by Mega-Vision Pictures (MVP) Release date January 23, 2020 (Hong Kong) Country China Language Cantonese Japanese Enter the Fat Dragon is a 2020 Hong Kong martial arts film written and directed by Wong Jing, the film is a remake of the 1978 film of the same name, and stars Donnie Yen, along with Teresa Mo, Niki Chow and Wong Jing himself in supporting roles. [1] [2] Plot [ edit] A fighter who becomes overweight as a consequence of emotional issues, lends his martial arts prowess to an unlikely career in crimebusting. Cast [ edit] Donnie Yen as Fallon Zhu (Zhu Fu Long), the protagonist and a overweight police officer at HKPD. It's Chloe's fiance, with whom he has a turbulent relationship full of ups and downs, but who saves her when she gets into trouble with Yakuza. Teresa Mo as Charisma/Christina, a Hong Kong restaurant owner in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and the former lover of Thor. She fled Hong Kong to Japan due to gambling debt. Wong Jing as Thor, a former inspector of HKPD, and the former lover of Charisma. Niki Chow as Chloe, a famous actress and the fiancée of Fallon Zhu, with whom she gives a break, due to ups and downs in the relationship. Naoto Takenaka as Mr. Endo, the corrupt chief inspector of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Tetsu Watanabe Hiro Hayama as Yuji, a police informant from Japan who is murdered by Shimakura, a Yakuza boss because of drug smuggling committed by the Higazhino Group (the Yakuza clan headed by Shimakura). Louis Cheung Chaney Lin (Liu Qin Nan) Joey Tee as Shimakura, a Yakuza boss, leader of Higazhino Group (a Yakuza family from Tokyo) and the main antagonist of the movie. He murdered Yuji (the japanese informant) because of drug smuggling committed by the Higazhino Group. Wong Cho-lam Lawrence Chou Jerry Lamb Yan Hua Jim Chim Chan Friend Bob Lam Tyson Chak Jessica Jann as Maggie, the English-speaking police officer and the bubble-headed interpretor to Mr. Endo. Philip Ng as Jack, the main villain from 2005 film SPL: Sha Po Lang ( Cameo). Note: Jack was originally played by Wu Jing in the 2005 film. Anthony Chan (actor) Production [ edit] Speaking about the film, in an interview, lead actor Donnie Yen said that the film is not "necessarily" a remake, director Wong Jing also stating it just happens to share its title [3]. Yen previously also played a fat character in a TV commercial in 2015 [4]. Curiosities [ edit] Most of the scenes from this film were shot in Japan (More precisely in Tokyo) and featured several famous Japanese actors in this film, such as Naoto Takenaka (known for his roles in Shinjuku Incident and Manhunt (2017 film) and the main role in Netflix original series Samurai Gourmet), Tetsu Watanabe (known for his roles in Sonatine (1993 film), Sleeping Man (film), Hana-bi, Railways (film) and Shin Godzilla) and Hiro Hayama (known for his career in Hong Kong and for his roles in New Police Story, Vulgaria, Mysterious Island (2011 film) and Firestorm (2013 film)). Naoto Takenaka will play an inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and a possible rival of the character of Donnie Yen, while Hiro Hayama and Tetsu Watanabe will appear in roles not yet reported. Release [ edit] Mega-Vision Pictures co-produced and distributed the film in Hong Kong and other territories. The film released on January 23 2020 in Hong Kong and selected countries. It also planned to release in China online platforms on February 1 2020. References [ edit] External links [ edit] Enter the Fat Dragon on IMDb.

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